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The Artist


Initially he was planning to stay for a maximum 2-3 years in Switzerland. 16 years later, Holger Herrmann aka LASSE is calling Thun (CH) his home.

The German singer-songwriter has a weakness for catchy melodies - and definitely no inhibitions when it comes to experimenting with different musical genres. Since 1990, Lasse has written rock-pop-punk-reggae-accoustic-headbanger-songs in both German and English. For his third studio album, he has hand-picked 12 of his favorite pieces for recording.

The artist and band name "LASSE" is a tribute to the German punk band "Die Ärzte". For those who do speak German it is also a reminder not to take things too seriously. Let people talk (= Lasse Redn) - they have always done so...



Facebook: Lasse Redn
Instagram: Lasse Guggn
YouTube: Lasse Schaun

The Album

Sometimes loud and obnoxious, sometimes pondering and melancholic. ZWOELF is a musical roller coaster ride. Three German songs and 9 songs with English lyrics are waiting to be discovered over the course of one year. Every month a new song will be released on this website - from 24. January until 24. December 2019. You can get your personal Download-Code for the entire album right now in the SHOP. Additionally, we will send you a printed newspaper with 12 poster visuals to your home address. Using the Download-Code you can LOGIN anytime and download all released songs.


Visual Archive


Heavy metal? Not really, but pretty close. Let’s rock!

Can you feel it?

Everybody dancing to the reggae beat! Whitebread ragamuffin-style with Jamaica in the air.

Auf Wiedersehen

Sentimental goodbye with piano sound – and German lyrics.

Final Curtain

The final curtain – melancholy rock straight from the 90’s.

Every other day

Country-pop goes grunge? Who knows – and who cares?

Take care

Another year has passed. Time to take good care of each other! Final reprise “4pigs”…

5 Rappen Rabatt

Five cents discount. One for ze Germans living in Switzerland.

No need to worry

Elusive like a summer breeze painted with guitars. No need to worry, no need to hurry, right now.

I'm on the Run

Accoustic sound reduced to the max. Lean back and enjoy.

Sunday Afternoon

Fast melodic punk for deaf ears. Subversive Sunday music.


Nothing will keep us apart. Not 5000 miles – or what?

I like your style

Let’s go! The first of twelve songs. And now for something completely different…



ZWOELF is the third album of Swiss musician Lasse (aka «Holger Herrmann»). Buying the album will allow you to download one new song every month (total 12 songs) and you will receive a printed newspaper with all song visuals.

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Can you feel it?

Auf Wiedersehn

Final curtain

Every other day

Take good care

5 Rappen Rabatt

No need to worry

I'm on the Run



I like your style